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C&A Pro Skis is located in Minnesota -- the heart of snowmobiling.  It was in this storied setting where the innovation sprang to provide a stronger, better performing snowmobile ski for racing. We leveraged our ‘know-how’ of molding plastics with our racing experience to produce the best skis for snowmobile racing. The racing industry quickly adopted C&A Pro Skis because of their material characteristics to withstand extreme cold, impact resistance and slick surface that amplified motion. This coupled with the exceptional design for performance was a game-changer for the snowmobile racing industry!
It was a natural progression to apply the race proven advantages of C&A Pro Skis to benefit other snowmobiling enthusiasts, from trail, mountain, and crossover riders to everyone in-between. This is where the tag line “Ride like a Pro” took root. The C&A Pro Skis product line-up is versatile for all types of riders. 


C&A Pro Skis has been a long-time advocate and promoter for the sport of snowmobiling. We sponsor hundreds of professional and amateur athletes across all riding disciplines, including Snocross, cross-country, watercross, backcountry, drag and hill climb.  C&A Pro Skis is proud to be named the Official Ski for these race organizations:

A growing following

C&A Pro Skis has been successful thanks to our loyal customers and athletes. We get inspiration and satisfaction from these riders and are able to stay connected with them through our various social media channels.
Over the years, many sleds / snowmachines have been outfitted with a pair of C&A Pro Skis. 


C&A Pro Skis is a division of Pride Solutions LLC with headquarters in Hutchinson, Minnesota. The product is sold through powersport distributors worldwide.  The website is a retail option for our customers. 

C&A Pro Skis tradename is owned by C&A Pro Skis LLC and exclusively licensed and manufactured by Pride Solutions, LLC.


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Eddy Plowman
Sales Manager