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BX Cross Section Profile
Boondocking Xtreme BX ski profile
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Price: $439.95
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The Boondocking Xtreme or BX is engineered for today's technical mountain riders. It features a rocker on the bottom of the ski to allow for easy navigation through tight trees as well as a tapered rear section for ease of side-hilling. The top has integrated traction grooves for your feet to aid in deep snow boarding situations.

**Mounting kits and carbides are sold separately**

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  • 7 1/4" wide profile (tapered)
  • 42" long
  • 1.125" center keel height
  • 90 degree center keel
  • Adjustable, flexible tip
  • ISR approved handle
  • Total ski weight is 7 lbs. (including handle)
  • Made from UHMW Poly for ultimate durability

**Mounting kit and carbides are sold separately 

"Loving my BX ski's this season! The aggressive design is awesome on the trail into the trees and the whole package works all day long! From trail to the side hill, they work!"

Kyle from AK

"I would recommend them. They don't flex and deflect at all compared to the stock skis so, I found them to be more predictable."

Steve from WA

"The BX is designed for backcountry by backcountry riders. I have been running them for 3 or 4 yrs now and everyone that rides one of my sleds goes and buys them. They hold the hill and allow for great change in snow consistency while holding, transitions from solar crust to power and things like that when you are cutting through the trees. I have ridden most others - I stay with the BX."

Brian from CO

"The BX Ski should be the go to item on the hills. My sled lays over nice and cuts through fresh powder will maintaining precision when you hit an old trench. The skis are wide enough for flotation the trees but not too wide where it hurts the cutting edge in the snow. The knurled top gives me plenty of traction when I get stuck and need a little help stomping the front skis down. Thank you for a superior product!"

Jacob from MN

Just received my custom pair of BX skis and thoroughly impressed! Thanks again!

Austin from Ontario