A HUGE thank you to our loyal customers who took the time to complete our 2019 Customer Insight Survey!

We learned a TON from the survey and will be using your feedback to help us continue to improve our high performance snowmobile skis.

One thing that did not surprise us was your incredible loyalty and high rate of satisfaction with C&A Pro snowmobile skis.

Here are a few things we learned:

  • Over 97% of you said you would buy C&A Pro skis again
  • Over 97% of you recommend C&A Pro skis to friends (Thank you!)
  • C&A Pro skis are WAY better than the stock skis that came with your sled (you gave us an average score of 8.7 on a scale of 1-10, 10 being way better than stock)
  • We scored 4.69 out of 5 Stars for customer satisfaction. We want 5 stars so you can bet we’re taking your improvement suggestions to heart and we’ve contacted the handful of folks who weren’t fully satisfied to help resolve their issues.
You Want More Color Choices and Custom Skis

Many of you asked for more color choices and to make it easier to order custom snowmobile skis. We’ve since added Purple, Lime Squeeze and Teal to our color lineup and you can now order custom skis online. For custom skis, we’ve even added a color simulator so you can see what different color combinations look like. We monitor OEM colors to make sure we offer skis that look great with all the latest sleds. You spoke – We listened and we took action!

You Have Great Snowmobile Ski Design Suggestions

Many of you offered excellent design suggestions. Our team is reviewing your ideas and will try to incorporate them into future ski designs. We value your feedback and riding experience and welcome your suggestions.

You Want to Save Money on Your Snowmobile Skis

Several riders asked us to lower prices. We wish we could, however, lowering prices would force us to cut corners and we don’t cut corners. We make the best high performance snowmobile skis on the market so you can get the most out of your sled for a relatively minor cost compared to other performance modifications. As one survey participant said: “They are the cheapest bolt on mod I make to all my sleds with the best results!”

We do offer several discounts to help make our sport more affordable. If you ride competitively, please apply for C&A Pro sponsorship.  Sponsored athletes are eligible for special pricing on our full line of products. Sponsorships are available for beginner youths to professional snowmobilers. If you are a veteran or active duty military, we will gratefully honor your service with a 10% discount when you call in your order to 1-888-321-6789.

You Want More Snowmobile Set up Tips and Help Selecting Proper Skis

Most of you are extremely satisfied with your skis, but a few of our riders have expressed challenges with ski set up, and sometimes riders are simply using the wrong skis and/or carbides for their riding style. This C&A Pro sled set up video will help you set up your sled to get the maximum performance from your skis. If you are still not satisfied, please call us. We will gladly answer your questions. Selecting the proper skis for your riding style is very important. If you’re a trail rider, for instance, you’re going to want XPT or RZ skis. The XTs used by your favorite snocross racer are designed specifically for snocross racing and have way too deep of a keel for trail riding. We offer seven ski models for specific riding styles. Feel free to call us for advice. If you’re still not satisfied with your C&A Pro Skis, you can count on us to stand behind our warranty and returns policy.

Here’s a few helpful links to select the best snowmobile skis and set up your sled:


How to Choose the Best Aftermarket Snowmobile Skis

Carbide Recommendations for Snowmobile Skis

Setting up Your Sled for C&A Pro Skis

Technical Information and FAQ

And the Winner Is…

Chris W. of Wisconsin won our C&A Pro apparel prize package for completing our survey. Chris mentioned multiple times in the survey that he wanted purple skis. When he found out we had added his favorite color, he ordered a pair. He sent us the pic below. Don’t they look sick?!

Thank you again for taking our survey. Enjoy the snow and Keep Riding Like a Pro!

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