Skis & Adjustments

All C&A Pro Snowmobile Skis are sold per pair and include handles. (Qty. 1 in your shopping cart equals one pair of skis.) If you would like to purchase a single ski or two skis of different colors, please give us a call at 1-888-321-6789 or +1-320-587-7707 and we will set you up!

Yes. Call our office at 1-888-321-6789 to place your order. We need to verify what ski model you need replaced, if it is a left or right side ski, the colors of the ski and handle. The cost for a single ski is 50% of the retail price for a pair of that same ski.

While we do provide an instruction sheet with each pair of skis, we also have an Installation Video that steps you through the process.

See the cross-section profile of our current skis and measurements. This may help you figure out which ski model you have. Otherwise, call our office at 1-888-321-6789 and we can assist you. We’ll need to know the width of the ski, the depth of the center keel, and if there are any distinctive features on the bottom of the ski.

The easiest way to adjust ski pressure is by loosening or tightening the limiter strap in your snowmobile’s skid frame.

The holes are for ski tip height adjustment.  The furthest forward hole is for drag racing applications. The middle hole is preferred for snocross and most trail applications and is the factory default. The farthest back hole is for deep snow and mountain riding.


Ski Handles

Effective 2.27.13 all necessary hardware will be included to bolt the new handles in place.

Yes. The handles are made of a flexible UHMW poly material and will take on a slightly different shape once installed.

Due to the flexibility of the ski, it can be a challenge to replace our handles. Start by installing the tip of the new handle onto the tip of the ski. Once that is bolted in place, our advice is to use a ratchet strap off the A-Arm for leverage to pull the ski tip back to the desired bolt hole in the saddle. Insert your bolt and nut and snug up and you are good to go.

Handle Installation Video

The holes are for ski tip height adjustment.  The farthest forward hole is for drag racing applications.  The middle hole is preferred for snocross and most trail applications and is the factory default.  The farthest back hole is for deep snow conditions and mountain riding.


Mounting Kits

Yes, every machine requires one.

Yes. Reference the instructions that were provided with the mounting kit. If you do not have the instructions, we have a downloadable copy on the Tech Info. page.


The Shaper Bar has a concave profile and is the choice for snocross racing and aggressive riders.

The Round Bar is an excellent choice for trail/mountain riding and will also work for racing.

No. All our skis are different than the OEM’s. The carbides we offer on all of our skis take the same carbide hole pattern except for the Outlaw and the Mini (they have their own model specific carbides).

If you are a trail rider: running 96 studs or less, use a 4.5-6″ carbide; if you are running more than 96 studs, we recommend an 8-9″ carbide.

If you are a Mountain/Powder rider: A minimal carbide will be sufficient: use 4″-6″ carbide.

The Outlaw skis have been discontinued and had a specific 7.5″ carbide made for it. Here is a link to this particular carbide.

Fortunately, the hole pattern for the Ultra III is the same as our existing skis so the carbides we offer will fit. The carbide hole pattern measurements are: distance, center to center, from the 1st hole to the 2nd is 4″, the distance from the 2nd hole to the 3rd is 6.75″ and the distance from the 3rd hole to the 4th is 4.5″. Carbide Spacing Guide (0.4 MB)

The older “Sport/Sport Advantage” skis have a carbide hole spacing of: distance, center to center, from the 1st hole to 2nd is 3.75″, from the 2nd to the 3rd hole is 4″ and from the 3rd to the 4th hole is another 4″. We do not carry carbides for this particular ski, but runners can be acquired at


For international shipping we now offer USPS as an alternate shipping provider with rates that are typically cheaper than our international UPS rates.

Typical shipping times range from 1-5 days in the lower 48 states depending on location. Next Day Air, 2nd Day Air and 3 Day Select orders will receive priority over Ground Shipments. We cannot be responsible for carrier delays, lost shipments or delays on shipments that require a signature and no one is there to sign at time of delivery.

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Warranty & Return Policy

Limited Warranty

Pride Solutions, LLC extends this warranty to the original purchaser of C&A Pro Skis product, a period of ONE YEAR from the original date of purchase. This warranty is non-transferrable in the event of resale.  We warranty the skis are free from defect in the materials and workmanship. This warranty is void if the snowmobile skis are used other than normal recreational purposes (i.e. racing, not used in snow, or altered in any way from its original form). C&A Pro Skis shall, in no event, be liable for consequential damage or contingent liability arising out of any total or partial failure to function of any article manufactured by it or any equipment on or in which it is used.

Warranty Claims

Please call 888-321-6789 to initiate the claim process.  Proof of purchase is required along with photos of the damage.  For determination if a damaged product qualifies for replacement under warranty, it must be shipped to Pride Solutions at the original owner’s expense.  If the product is covered under warranty, Pride Solutions will issue a call tag and pay return shipping for customers in the United States (all other countries, the owner is responsible for return shipping charges).