MTX Skis

We have a bunch of instructional and informational videos along with some great videos from riders lik

"CA Pro Ski MTX skis are unlike anything else on the market. They are the ultimate powder/big mountain sled ski, providing superior flotation in pow, keeping the front end up preventing you from diving and getting stuck. The difference they made side-hilling and carving was like night and day. I will never ride anything else.
I recently had the chance to test my new pair of C&A MTX skis on both the trail and in the powder and made a review of them. The skis i've tried is the Pilot 5.7, Pilot 6.9 and SLP PP skis. I've compared all these with the C&A skis in all kinds of terrains, high speeds and low speeds. The winner of all the skis is by no doubt the C&A's! They won both the trail and powder challenges. I'll start with the powder test. The Pilot's 5.7 were of course terrible in the powder, you turned the skis but the sled still went straight ahead.
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