First off, I love our C&A Pro XCS skis for a variety of reasons.

#1; they look way cool and we have had nothing but compliments on them since install

Received this awesome testimonial from

We have a bunch of instructional and informational videos along with some great videos from riders lik

I recently had the chance to test my new pair of C&A MTX skis on both the trail and in the powder and made a review of them. The skis i've tried is the Pilot 5.7, Pilot 6.9 and SLP PP skis. I've compared all these with the C&A skis in all kinds of terrains, high speeds and low speeds. The winner of all the skis is by no doubt the C&A's! They won both the trail and powder challenges. I'll start with the powder test. The Pilot's 5.7 were of course terrible in the powder, you turned the skis but the sled still went straight ahead.
I have recently purchase the XT Xtreme Skis and with the wide ski and massive keel taking any corner or slamming over the roughest trails has been nothing but a breeze. I have been completely impressed with the durability of the ski and the design to keep the snowmobile under control in full throttle conditons. Thanks again for making such a quality product that can really take a rider to the next level. -Matt from New Hampshire
The TRX trail skis took my 98 Polaris Indy 500 from a good beginner ride to a full throttle tight trail bashing toy. I was super impressed by the reaction of the skis at high speeds around soft snowy turns; I also put the trail x skis on my 07 polaris switchback. When I bought the switchback the sled had stock skis with 8 inch duel carbides... and for some reason the sled would want to do nothing but push straight. After installing the trail x skis on the switchback, again it took the sled to another level.
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