The boys and girls of summer made their first stop on the IWA tour in Moose Lake over the weekend. Racing seemed to jump right back into the swing of things with riders going all out creating a more mid-season tempo racing atmosphere. Some riders picked up right where they left off , others seemed to let the cobwebs of the first race affect their performances.

Moose Lake proved to be more of a race that set the tone for a few riders while showing others that this season will be tough as ever to make it to the top. In all, the weather was a little gloomy on Saturday, but the racers and IWA crew pulled off yet another successful race weekend.

The next stop is Brainerd International Raceway coming up on June 11-12th. Please visit for more info.

Trevor Fjosne showed some positive strides in the right direction while looking very comfortable on a new sled.

Brian Kormanik had a good weekend but came up a little short when it came to the finals on Sunday. Even on the ride of shame, he was still in good spirits for next weekend.

Kyle Carpenter and Ryan Kieth battle it out in the Pro-Open Ovals.

Shawn Zurn looked fast all weekend but fell short in the Finals on Sunday.

Jeff Zappa took home the checkers in Semi-Pro Stock.

Nate Windberg taking home the win in Pro-Stock. Nate also has a few wins under his belt from last season, look for him to be a top contender this season.

Cassie Swanson won the Women’s Oval but had to borrow a sled for her victory lap upon sled issues once she came ashore.

Dale Lindbeck posted some great races this weekend, leading most of the Pro-Open Final but ended up watching the final laps from the first buoy.

Joe Swanson kept his winning streak going from last season taking the big win in Pro-Open.