Replacement Ski Handles

Ski Handles Available in 14 Colors

C&A Pro Snowmobile Ski Handles FAQ

All necessary hardware is included to bolt your new C&A Pro ski handles in place.

Yes, the current handles are interchangeable with the older styles. See this Video for explanation.

Yes. The handles are made of a flexible UHMW poly material and will take on a slightly different shape once installed.

Due to the flexibility of the ski, it can be a challenge to replace our handles. Start by installing the tip of the new handle onto the tip of the ski. Once that is bolted in place, our advice is to use a ratchet strap off the A-Arm for leverage to pull the ski tip back to the desired bolt hole in the saddle. Insert your bolt and nut and snug up and you are good to go.

Handle Installation Video

The holes are for ski tip height adjustment.  The farthest forward hole is for drag racing applications.  The middle hole is preferred for snocross and most trail applications and is the factory default.  The farthest back hole is for deep snow conditions and mountain riding.


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