You will need snowmobile ski carbides that are specifically made for C&A Pro Skis. We offer a great selection of shaper bars and round bars, as well as carbide and wear bar options for mini skis.

  • Shaper bars are ideal for snocross racing and aggressive riders.
  • Round bars are excellent for trail/mountain riding and racing.
  • For mini skis, we offer a race legal carbides or a wear bar for the kids to ride around the yard in low snow without tearing up the grass.

Snowmobile Ski Carbide FAQ

The Shaper Bar has a concave profile and is the choice for snocross racing and aggressive riders.

The Round Bar is an excellent choice for trail/mountain riding and will also work for racing.

No. All our skis are different than the OEM’s. The carbides we offer on all of our skis take the same carbide hole pattern except for the Outlaw and the Mini (they have their own model specific carbides).

If you are a trail rider:  running 96 studs or less, use a 4.5-6″ carbide; if you are running more than 96 studs, we recommend an 8-9″ carbide.

If you are a Mountain/Powder rider: A minimal carbide will be sufficient: use 4″-6″ carbide.

Carbide Spacing Guide

Carbide Selection Tips