XPT Performance Trail Snowmobile Skis

XPT Performance Trail Snowmobile Skis

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C&A Pro Xtreme Performance Trail Snowmobile Skis Blue
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The Xtreme Performance Trail or XPT is the perfect performance ski for newer sleds with lots of ski pressure. Mid center keels help alleviate darting, improve tracking and reduce carbide lift in sharp corners. There is also a raised tail on the back of the skis making reversing hassle-free.  This is the ideal ski for today’s modern machines when looking for increased control without causing a drastic increase in steering effort.


  • 6.25″ wide profile
  • 44″ length
  • .75″ center keel height
  • Mid center keels to alleviate darting and improve tracking
  • Adjustable, flexible tip
  • ISR approved handle
  • Total ski weight is 6.7 lbs (including handle)
  • Made from UHMW Poly for ultimate durability

**Mounting kit and carbides are sold separately.

For Specialty Skis with Custom Colors, Order Here

WARNING – California Residents

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Continually drag your mouse from right to left to see the ski spin and barrel roll.


“I run the XPT for about 3000 miles now on my Pro s 2016 . I’m very impressed with the xpt in general, very smooth, takes of a lot of imperfections on the trail, my sled runs straight almost no darting and I feel no rebound from the trail in my old shoulder. It’s my first time with C&A , I know your ski are for aggressive riders, but the XPT is a really good trail ski and they especially work very good on axys chassis. I’m very happy with your product, good looking ski makes my sled nicer. Thank you very much again for your good product!”


“I have them on my 18 ZR 9000 RR and absolutely love them!!!”


“The XPT’s on the G4 are a nice upgrade they did everything better than the pilots, steering effort did increase compared to the pilots but so did control in the corners.”


“I want to start of by thanking all of you at C&A for in my opinion producing the best aftermarket snowmobile ski. The men and women that have done the Research and Development of these skis have hit the pinnacle. I don’t know how you could improve such a great product. As an avid snowmobiler myself I have bought many pairs of your skis. The latest being a pair of the XPT’s. I love them…I love promoting products that I’m obsessed with. C&A is definitely one of those products…Thanks again for everything you guys and gals do.”


I finally got to get out there and try the new XPT skis, all I can say is WOW, what an improvement. In groomed conditions, the stock skis used to push and generally be wishy washy…they would push, grab, dart, etc. Some adjustments helped but never completely fixed it.

The XPT skis were an instant improvement, I railed the turns with confidence and the single tracked trails where there was basically one line, the XPT skis were actually able to get up and out of the ski grooves from other machines unlike the stock skis, which tended to stick into the grooves and cause darting and erratic handling. The XPT skis also improved the wide turning radius, the F6 is able to cut a much sharper radius now.


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