Adam Renheim

Your Sport?

Your sled of choice?

Share your greatest accomplishment thus far in your sport?
5 Time FIM World champ, 2 silver metals at X-games.

Which C&A Pro Skis do you use and why?
The XTs ski is the one I prefer and it’s the most stable and corners really good.

Goals for the upcoming season?
Win my first ISOC Race and be in the hunt for the Championship.

The first sled you owned?
Skidoo Formula S 380 fan

How old were you when you started riding?

Name your favorite location to ride.
Grand Geneva mountain top and Tracks in Sweden.

Describe your worst snowmobile wreck.
Blow a belt before a jump and going over the bar.

What vehicle(s) do you drive?
VW Crafter Van and Dodge Challenger Hellcat

Best piece of advice anyone has given you?
Fight until the end and always try your best and be happy with that.

Any superstitions before or during competition?
Not really

Favorite movie quote?
Pain is temporary victory is forever.

What’s your hidden talent(s)?
Drive heavy equipment

Warnert Racing