Brooklyn Karkoulas

Your Sport

Your Sled of Choice
2021 Ski-doo RS 600

Your Racing #

Tell us about your greatest moment in your sport
I would have to say that my greatest moment in snocross would be back when I raced Junior girls. This particular moment took place in Sault St. Marie, I had jumped the start of the final, after letting all riders pass me I charged through and continued to make up spots, passing the leader in the final corner and taking the win.

Which C&A Pro Skis do you use and why?
XCS! They are the perfect combination of keel and width for my style of racing. I have been racing with them on my sleds since 2016

Who are your heroes and why?
My hero’s are my parents because they are always supporting me. I look up to them and nothing would be possible without them.

Who introduced you to snowmobiling?
My mechanic, biggest supporter, and father was the person who had introduced me to snocross. Being a former pro racer himself, he was very involved in the sport and eager to introduce me to such a passion at a young age.

How old were you when you started riding?
I was 4 years old when I first started riding.

What was your first sled?
2021 Ski-doo RS 600

Tell us about your worst wreck
My worst wreck wasn’t all too bad compared to some of my peers. During my rookie year of Pro Am Women I came in hot into a corner, with a competitive racer right beside me. With neither of us backing down, we ended up colliding in a corner. Luckly, we both came out of it with just a couple scraps and bruises.

What are your hobbies besides sleds?
Some of my hobbies besides sleds include competitive soccer, rugby, and fitness.

Do you have any superstitions at the track or at an event? Tell us about them.
I do have some pre race superstitions, such as blasting music on the speaker in the trailer before every final, and on the starting line I always tighten my gloves and check my tether cord.

What are your ultimate snowmobile career goals?
My career goal is to defend my Pro/Am Women title and continue to be competitive with the boys.

Where can we find you on social media (list your channels/handles)?
Instagram: @brooklynkarkoulas