Dakota Karkoulas

Your Sport

Your Sled of Choice
2021 Ski-doo 600 RS

Your Racing #

Tell us about your greatest moment in your sport
My greatest moment in snocross was when I won the girls class in Duluth. I blasted off the start and I just knew it was going to be a great race!

Which C&A Pro Skis do you use and why?
XCS! there the Perfect combination of keel and width for my riding style.

Who are your heroes and why?
My heroes would have to be my mom and dad, because they do everything for me and my sisters. They help me with so much and are always there for me.

Who introduced you to snowmobiling?
My Dad introduced me to snocross because he raced when he was younger.

How old were you when you started riding?
I was 3 when I first started riding.

What was your first sled?
2021 Ski-doo 600 RS

Tell us about your worst wreck
My worst wreck would probably be this year when I was practicing going over a double and I came up short and lost the handle of my sled and flipped off the back sending my sled off the track.

What are your hobbies besides sleds?
I play soccer, and I love doing gymnastics.

Do you have any superstitions at the track or at an event? Tell us about them.
I have lots of superstitions! When I’m on the starting line I tighten my left glove, then my right, then my right again, then my left again. Then I move my goggles around. I jump up and down four times on my running boards, and then I turn my hand warmers up all the way then down all the way.

What are your ultimate snowmobile career goals?
I want to race and win the CSRA Pro women class.

Where can we find you on social media (list your channels/handles)?
My Instagram is @dakotagrace501