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Price: $319.95
SKU: 0320


The Razor or RZ provides control and confidence for 2011 & older trail sleds with little ski pressure.  This ski's "V" shaped outboard keels help alleviate darting while giving the sled extra grip on those tight and twisty trails.  This ski helps maintain straight line tracking for the recreational snowmobile rider.

**Mounting kit and carbides are sold separately

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  • 6" wide profile
  • 44" length
  • 3/4" center keel height
  • "V" shaped outer keels for reduced darting
  • Adjustable, flexible tip
  • ISR approved handle
  • Total ski weight is 6.7 lbs. (including handle)
  • Made of UHMW poly for ultimate durability 

**Mounting kit and carbides are sold separately

"Just put a pair of RZ on my 2017 XCR. Unbelievable handling, first time running C&A Pro skis. Awesome!"

Kyle from NY

"Ran razors last year for the first time. Before that every sled has had stock skis. Honestly night and day, sled handles so much better, I tried all types of carbides over the years, and lots of suspension tweaking to get sleds to steer, this is the easiest way by far. I kept my stock skis and they are going on when I sell in the spring, these razors are going on my next one!"

Rick from Ontario

"Best thing I have done to a sled in 30 years.......C&A Razors!!!"

Glenn from WI

"They are worth every penny if you like your machine to turn when you want it to, there is no comparison between your stock skis and C&A Razors."

Steve from NY

"There is a reason C&A Skis are so popular, sure the racers use them, but bottom line is they just work better. There are so many things that go into making a ski the best, the skis ability to flex and the actual amount of material used and how much material is used in certain areas etc/ where the mounts are located - so many things to look at here in what makes a ski the best. The C&A Skis flat out smokes any other ski in the rough, the way it flex's and holds its shape in the rough is amazing compared to other skis. The C&A Skis also seem to have a smoother front end as well and they seems to absorb bumps better making the front end less twitchy in rough or hard icy bumps."

Lars from MN

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